ESWiL News

24.11 To download some pictures click here.

22.11 Due to technical problems the website has been inactive. We are terribly sorry.

29.10 Departure Day

21.10 Downloadable map of the center of Lodz


ESWiL has been included into the official UN's 60th anniversary celebrations.

Welcome to the best and most exciting students' event in Poland!

The European Students' Week in Lodz 2005, tries to answer the question:

Do we need the
United Nations?

Do we?? Ask yourself, come and share your view with others. We can form our own small united nation of students' in Lodz, and for a week be the centre of the world. Let's think, listen, discuss and create something together. We invite all the students who are interested in answering the essential question "Do we need the UN?", and who want to have fun in the excitingly international atmosphere.

We strongly believe that in the beginning of the XXI century, in the era of the Internet and globalization, creating such meeting places for young people is extremely important. It's never been so easy for people from all over the world to communicate and, thus, we hope that the friendships once established will survive and work for our better understanding of each other in the future.

During ESWiL we want to encourage young people to take initiatives and come up with their own solutions for the World's problems and issues. We believe that the young peoples' potential is huge and hope to pull the trigger during ESWiL... We will try to inspire YOU.